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Types of massages

In order to be attentive and have optimal performance in everything we undertake, we must feel energized and not present any kind of pain or discomfort that distracts us from what we really need to do. The pace of life that is taking place today, the bad habits, the bad postures we adopt when sitting down, the work we perform or the practice of some sports discipline we find that our back hurts or we have an annoyance somewhere of our body.

It is then that we go to the specialist, in many cases the treating doctor relieves the symptoms with medication, but in most cases, they advise to perform Registered Massage Therapy as the only remedy to be able to reduce those discomforts. Whenever a person presents a pain tends to rub or run your hand over the place that bothers you, looking for discomfort to disappear. This technique was perfected and is known as massage, there are many kinds of massage depending on the condition you have.
Relaxing massages are aimed at specific areas of the body that are stressed and tense. Currently, hot stones and various special medicinal creams are used to perform this type of massage.
Therapeutic massages are those that attack a specific injury. For example, athletes often get hurt by the training and the effort they make. The lymphatic drainage massages are special to eliminate impurities. The so-called trigger point, deep tissue or soft tissues are made to work the muscle deep in a specific area. There are also prenatal and during pregnancy very rewarding for the mother and the baby.
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