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Why do people like playing free online games (العاب)?

Free online Games (العاب) can have their shortcomings yet they are also advantageous to people. A number of times people refer to them as a waste of time. They deprive people of doing productive work, which is beneficial to their life while engaging in the said activity. However, others have a differing view about it. Playing any online activity is good if it is done in moderation. It means that one should play in a way that is not too extreme thereby affecting one’s life. Any changes you may see in a person such as isolation from others in order to play, attention deficiency, anxiety, lack of social interaction, headaches due to playing overtime. These show that one may likely be suffering from addiction. This is where a person feels that they cannot live without doing something and this behavior can hinder someone from having a normal life. However, one should always remember to do it at a minimal because too much is harmful.

Truth be told, people love to play free online games (العاب). Why do they like them despite the negative impacts they have to human beings? First of all, they provide a release to one particularly from the day to day pressures and expectations in their society. A person may get home from work and stressed out. One way he or she can relieve that stress is by playing online. Scientifically, the brain activates dopamine when a person plays and it is triggered even more when he or she wins some missions. This is a chemical that makes a person feel good.

Games (العاب) are commonly known to people as a passive activity, which involves one staying indoors, and sitting for hours. However, today developers have designed one that encourages physical activity. This helps people to become physically fit while having pleasure as he or she flexes the muscles thereby maintaining a proper shape.

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